About This Site

Hey there,

My name is Taylor Marek. I’m a 28 year-old, happily married postal carrier. That’s me on the left. I just got married in June of this year, so I’m definitely excited about this new chapter in my life.

Why did I create this website? Great question.

I wanted to document my journey as I jump into the realm of “making money online” and explore the possibilities of internet marketing. Thing is, the internet is a social creature that lives in the public eye and it didn’t feel right for me to hold onto all this information I’ve learned through the years. I wanted to share it with you, my valued reader, so that we can both benefit from the knowledge.

You see, I’ve amassed several hard drives worth of internet marketing material from the “online gurus” of the day. I’ve torn apart their material, tossed away entirely too much “filler content” and kept the nuggets. I’ve spent many a dollar on courses that were worth the cost and eaten many a course that certainly wasn’t worth the $197 price tag that I spent on it.

I’ve dabbled with varying degrees of success in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Facebook Pages/Ads, Google AdWords/AdSense, Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, Product Launches, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Joint Ventures and more.

I’ve managed social media accounts for Fortune 500/1000 companies, NFL Professional Players and small business owners; run successful podcasts pushing 100k downloads; created a popular training course for 3000 plus Facebook Page Owners; launched a WordPress Plugin through WarriorForum with a Joint Venture that netted $3000+; managed email lists of over 1k subscribers; collectively run a group of YouTube channels that have generated over 800k views and 2,500 subscribers; run a popular Minecraft server that logged over 9000 player logins and boasted an active community of several hundred players; been mentored by some well known people in the industry; and interviewed people who have appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Business Insider, Fast Company and more. Not to mention I was also interviewed for a book!

This is the part where I tell you I’m living the life of my dreams and cashing in over 6 figures. Not true in either case. I’ll be truthful, I got to see my dream career crash and burn right in front of my eyes. That hurt the most, I didn’t even care about the money. It hurt so bad I gathered the fragments and hid them in the darkest corners of my life for years. I killed off most of my successful projects and hurt people in the process. I didn’t care. I was done with the internet. I banned myself to exile. I became a wandering hermit in the world wide web.

For one as successful as I was with the Internet, and at such a young age, what happened? Why was I content to sit on the computer and bury myself in video games and YouTube videos? That’s a story for another time but long story short, I had to let that dream die and work on some important areas of my life.

About a year and a half ago, a certain girl entered my life. She was the perfect other half that my life was missing and I’m so glad I got to marry her this year. It certainly helped to pull me out of my shell and change some priorities in my life, which I badly needed.

It also re-awoke my love for the Internet. I’ve slowly turned back on some of my projects, one being my podcast and the other this brand new website.

Right now I’m not making 6 figures. I’m working a 9-to-5 job as a mailman. I’m not living the dream I dreamed. I’m living a dream I never thought I’d dream and it’s amazing. But I’m a hermit no longer, nor am I as depressed as I once was. I’m slowly coming to grip with my lot in life, pulling my bootstraps up once more and fighting through the rat race, just like you are. Sure I may stumble, but that is ok. I found my purpose in life, I’m loving life and I want to afford you the opportunity to join me in this journey.

I can’t wait to see what I can do to help empower you. I know I needed that helping hand in my life.

-Taylor Marek