2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Best Work From Home Affiliate Program

Hi there and welcome.  My name is Avery.

This is my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate owned by Kyle and Carson.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy to write about it because it truly is an amazing experience being a member.  Today is July 7th 2019 and I joined 1 week ago.  I found Wealthy Affiliate while searching on Google for Affiliate programs, it was in a list of affiliate programs that were recommended by a specific website that was naming the best high paying affiliate programs that person’s should join for 2019.  Wealthy Affiliate was about 3rd on the list of more than 50 programs.  I signed up and began doing everything that I was supposed to so I could start learning everything that I needed to know so I could become successful with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Before finding the list, I actually came across Wealthy Affiliate 1 or 2 times while searching for a way to make money online but I never took action on becoming a member those times even if the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity was very interesting.  I added it to my favorites to check out later.  So now I’m Thankful I was fortunate enough to come across Wealthy Affiliate again this time.  I just love the way Wealthy Affiliate makes me feel now that I’m a member, like successful online business owners who are successful at marketing and making money on the internet.  

If you heard about Wealthy Affiliate and you’re trying to find out if it’s legit or a great website to join, you’re in the right place because this review will explain everything so you understand exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about. 

Read this until the end so you get the full details and so you can join with me, that way I’ll be your Premium Coach in the Help and Support area.  We will work together as a team where you can contact me or the 2 owners via messaging.  That’s how their referral system works.  You will always see your Coach’s name in the Help and Support tab so you can instantly send a message.  I would love to be your Coach because I love coaching, and before joining Wealthy Affiliate I was already doing Coaching at own Coaching & Training membership website where I teach members how to start an online business from scratch & how to apply internet marketing strategies.  

The reason I was searching for legit affiliate programs is so I could recommend them to my students as extra income streams for themselves.  I wanted to find legit opportunities to give them so they themselves wouldn’t have to look or end up in scams.  Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it’s my #1 recommended affiliate program to join because of everything it is and all the benefits.  I’ll tell you some more about those awesome things and benefits in this review and I look forward to you joining today so I can be your Coach to help you with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the training, teaching you what I know and what I am doing.

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview & Rankings

Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Owner: Kyle & Carson
Website URL: WealthyAffiliate.com
Training: 5 out of 5
Support: 5 out of 5
Website Builder: 5 out of 5
WordPress hosting: 5 out of 5
Research tools: 5 out of 5
Success stories: 5 out of 5
Price: free member. Premium $49 monthly, annual $359
StartMakingMoneyOnline.com rating: 5 out 5

Wealthy Affiliate Training – Top Class Affiliate Marketing Courses

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!  You get access to courses that teach you how to start a successful affiliate marketing business online.  Discover all the steps you need from getting a product, to putting it on a website, getting traffic to the website & converting it to sales.  The training are on videos so they’re easy to comprehend.  There are 2 different types of courses, one will teach you how to promote affiliate products in any niche.  The other course is the Affiliate boot camp that teaches you how to start your own brand and create authority on the internet so you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and other Online Business niche offers  like Wealthy Affiliate.  No matter which direction you choose, you’ll still be learning how to be an expert at affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Support – World Class Help & Support

The way I see it, I’ll say Wealthy Affiliate is a full Help & Support website.  Everywhere on the website has Help and Support.  Everyday people are helping each other on the website, and you will get welcome messages and congratulations messages from the owners and other members who will all tell you if you need help just ask.  The website also has Live Chat, Help and Support where you have access to a Coach & the 2 owners on instant message.  You can also ask a question by posting from your profile to the community where everyone will see it and be happy to answer.  Plus, you have access to articles and blogs with answers to a lot of frequently asked questions.  

Wealthy Affiliate – Website Builder/ Hosting & Research Tools

Some quality things to know about Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to create free Websites from your dashboard that comes with free hosting.  You can also buy new domains from there and get free hosting for them.  Your Websites come with all the protection and security already added for free.  WordPress is already added and ready to go.  Wealthy Affiliate is truly one of a kind and that’s why I’m happy recommending it so more people can benefit from it.  The training is superb and the tools are right there so you can get right to work while you learn.  Everyone in the world needs Wealthy Affiliate.  Everyone would benefit from the training, tools, and affiliate program opportunity so they could start a successful online business and make money from the internet.  

Wealthy Affiliate’s quality is surpassed the best, meaning it’s more than the best.  They have everything that is needed for their Members to have a successful online business.  The Research tool is so amazing and I am in love with it.  It makes my keyword work so much fun.  And it makes my keyword research work results so organized with lots of quality keywords with low competition.  I love using it just like how the training taught me.  You’ll definitely be glad you have all these tools when you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy  Affiliate Success Stories

At Wealthy Affiliate when I’m logged in daily, doing my training and implementing the work, in-between times I scroll to check out members blog posts & success post that’s visible in the Members area.  I’m always seeing great post about great results that many people are achieving by implementing the training they learned here.  People are making sales on more than one different affiliate platform by just applying the training from here, plus those who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate are showing fantastic results and success stories.  I’ve looked on YouTube and all I see are positive reviews and success stories about Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve read some of the success stories on their website as well and it’s pretty much the same positivity, everyone is thanking Wealthy Affiliate for such an amazing training platform & website,  they’re all saying how successful their online business is now just because of Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and is continuing to grow with satisfied members who are successful at internet marketing and making money online.  In my opinion it has the best training and best features like the websites, hosting, keyword tools, the affiliate program & the help and support.  It is free to start so anyone can join.  Plus it is affordable at the Premium price which gives unlimited access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate website, which includes higher commissions.  

In my honest opinion, you’re winning with Wealthy Affiliate compared to paying for expensive courses or paying for websites & hosting.  Plus, as an affiliate you can easily make huge recurring commissions every month, there is no limit to how much you can make,  I’ve seen many members getting $2000/monthly recurring payments and more.

I’m so happy I found Wealthy Affiliate and got this training plus I’m happy to have the opportunity to promote it.   I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you and would love to work with you as your Premium Coach.

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